French polish, 500ml, Borma

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This ready to use natural Shellac French Polish, formulated following the oldest Tradition, makes it possible to finish all interior wooden surfaces to a high level of brightness whilst maintaining a pleasing softness. Its natural amber colour help to achieve an intense and warm finishing, particularly associated with classic furniture.
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Kampolit ehk kolofooniumi saadakse, kuumutades männivaiku tärpentini ja vee eraldumiseni. Kampol on helekollane kuni mustjas, klaasjas tahke vaik, mis lahustub hästi orgaanilistes lahustites (alkoholis, atsetoonis, tärpentinis jne), kuid mitte vees. Kampol pehmeneb 40–75 °C juures ja sulab temperatuurivahemikus 100–140 °C. Koosneb peamiselt abietiinhapetest (kuni 90%) ja teistest vaikhapetest. Kampolit vajatakse paberi, lakkide, liimide, isolatsioonimaterjalide, trükivärvide ja määrete tootmisel, aga ka keelpillide poognajõhvide vaigutamiseks (et neid karedamaks muuta), samuti kasutatakse tinutamise ja jootmise juures.
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This product is a natural shellac sealer, made with the highest quality waxed lemon ABTN shellac. Its high solid content make this product an ideal base for the traditional warm and bright finish associated with classic furniture.
The wood must not be varnished; it must be free of dust, grease and wax. Check that any stains that have been applied (Stain concentrate, Spirit stains) are perfectly dry.
The product must be applied at a room temperature no lower than 10°C.
Apply evenly using a pad or brush.
Powder is produced after 10-15 minutes, completely dry after 30 minutes. Sand lightly (240-360 grain) and then apply a second coat.
When completely dry, finish with Shellac french polish or Beeswax in paste form.
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