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Diagonal white porcelain base.
Open terminal compartment and cable entrance. IEC protection class II.
With out glass IP code 20, with rubber gasket and Lisilux glass size S IP code 54.
Borehole spacing: 73 mm
83 mm Ø, outreach: 60 mm
Weight: 350g
Bulb holder E27 (max. 60 W)
In 2011, thpg bought this famous luminaire program (along with the tools, original molds, and trademark rights) out of a French corporation where it had most recently eked out a somewhat abandoned existence. Since then, we have had the classic Lindner-LISILUX and Lindner-Sauna series of luminaires, which have been in production since the 1940s, manufactured by a German manufacturer of technical porcelain in Poland on the original molds. For decades, the designs have been considered an example of the creative attitude of German industrial design in the first half of the 20th century.
Kokku sobivad tooted
Fits the base size S.
Width: 83 mm
Total height: 102 mm
Ø Thread diameter: 74,5 mm
Weight: 220 g.
Temperature: max. 125 °C
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Lindner functional lights consist of a porcelain base with a ceramic inset. The insulating glass is screwed on to this base. There is a rubber gasket between the base and the glass. These simple, solid lights have been produced for over 40 years and can be safely used for many purposes.
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Fits the base size S.
Width: 125 mm
Total height: 130 mm
Ø Thread diameter: 74,5 mm
Weight: 360 g.
Combinable with LISILUX-Fitting
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