Lambi lüliti, bakeliit, must

Tootekood: 100465
11,00 €
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Lüliti, sobib 3 soonelisele juhtmele. Pikkus 60mm, lkõrgus 23mm (nupuga 27mm), laius 24mm.
Bakelite cable switch with black button With regard to its functionality as well as how it looks and feels (it's almost as nice as holding a worry stone), this impeccable and attractive bolted switch is made of black Bakelite casing and has a white installation press button. Equipped with a textile cable, it provides every lamp with a special look and charm. 2A, 250V, 1 pole, equipped with a connection clamp for neutral and ground wiring. Suitable for a triple-wire cable, with strain relief clamps. VDE checked. Length 60 mm, height 23 mm (height including button: 27 mm), width 24 mm. Weight: 40 g.
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