Valgusti Luigekael 45, sirge

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Kvaliteetne, käsitsi valmistatud ajaloolises stiilis välisvalgusti. Materjal - konstruktsioon: malm, vari: valge email, tumesinise joonega, lambipirn: kirgas klaas.
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Ajaloolises stiilis kvaliteetne välisvalgusti. Konstruktsioonimaterjaliks malm, koonilise kujuga klaaskuppel. Lambi mõõtmed: kõrgus: 31 cm, laius 35 cm, ulatus seinast 52 cm, kaal 3 kg.
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Valgusti, IP 54, sobib niisketesse ruumidesse. kõrgus 11c, laius 23 cm, pikkus 16 cm. Juhe väljub otsast.
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Round Bakelite cellar lamp

Bakelite cellar lamps
We were able to find the tools for these general-purpose lamp that was once used everywhere. It has always been commonly referred to as cellar lamp, and we have decided to stick with the name, even though it can be used for a much wider range of applications. Whether originally found in the cellar, the laundry room, in the attic, on the staircase or in the garage, this lamp has now worked their way up to the kitchen and into the living spaces. The tools, which are more than 70 years old, have been slightly reworked so as to make it possible to continue producing these practical and beautiful lamps. Hands are more important than machines when it comes to producing these lamps, as the pressing (baking) of the housing alone involves time-consuming manual work.

Round Bakelite cellar lamp
Housing made of black Bakelite. With pressed-glass lampshade with wire guard. Ø 20 cm, height 10 cm. Weight 1 kg. E 27 porcelain socket, max. 100 W. IP 54.
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Jaamalatern töötlemata vasest kupliga, klaasist osa piimjas või läbipaistev.
Kõrgus: 25cm
Laius: 35cm
Kaugus seinast: 45 cm
Kaal: 3 kg
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