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These sturdy and dependable door knobs are made of moulded porcelain. The porcelain is pressed into a metal mould and heated to 1400° C; afterwards they are framed in a brass ring. Two porcelain oval-shaped door knobs. Length 6,5 cm, Width 4 cm, Depth 5,5 cm, Weight 120 g. Covers and accessories: two porcelain covers and two key covers, approx. 4,5 cm Ø Door knobs bound by an 8 x 8 mm steel square, Length 9 cm (German standard).

Note: The actual pair of handles or pair of knobs and a set of rosettes must be purchased separately.
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Used together with door handles 5578, 5579, 5580 and 5591. The hole for the handle cannot be drilled up to a larger diameter. This long plate is wider than many older, similar long plates, and can therefore cover previous screw holes or damage in an older door. It also covers ø40 mm holes in modern doors. Note: The plate is pressed (made of thin sheet).
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