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Akapad classic sponge (formerly known as wishab) is used to carry out convenient and safe dry cleaning of surfaces on paper, walls, ceilings, pictures, frescos, mural paintings, wallpaper, tapestries, textiles and other surfaces.

The sponge consists of a blue handle with the yellow cleaning layer moulded into it, this layer restores itself constantly due to the crumb formation process. The soft sponge is used for sensitive surfaces, the hard sponge for less sensitive base surfaces and the extra hard sponge for non-sensitive surfaces such as stone. The surfaces to be cleaned must be absolutely dry.

Akapad Soft - is particularly suitable for sensitive and structured surfaces, e.g. pictures, frescos, mural paintings, wallpaper, textiles.
Akapad Hard - is used for all smooth surfaces, e.g. walls, ceilings, paintings, frescos.
Akapad Extra Hard & Ultra Hard- is chosen for non sensitive, rough surfaces, e.g. walls, paintings and masonry.
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