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With STUCCORAPIDO (Soft Wax Filler) you can quickly and safely eliminate all wood defects, lacquered, corroded or chipped. The parts restored maintain consistency and colour, even if they have been treated with a small amount of the product and with time are not subject to deterioration. One can vanish over the product.
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A special high dry residue wax containing bees’ and carnauba wax for extra soft finishes.
Usage: Interior
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Karnauba vaha on taimne vaha, mida saadakse Brasiilias kasvava palmi lehti töödeldes. See on tugev (ja rabe), kõrgläikeliseks poleeritav vaha, mida kasutatakse laialdaselt lisandina erinevates viimistlusvahasegudes. Karnaubavaha sulamistemperatuur on umbes 85ºC.
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