Lamp Sylcone DC, led 4,5W

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66,00 €
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Lamp koos led pirniga, lambi läbimõõt 200mm, kõrgus 1650mm. 4,5W, dimmeritele sobiv.
Sleek and compact black metal pendant with unique hand blown glass (DC200), combines contemporary aesthetics and LED technology with the popular retro look and feel of incandescent, 470LM, 4.5W, 104lm/W, 2000K, CRI80, IP20, 15,000hrs (L70)
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Pirnipesa, portselan, vana
Tootekood: 7654
10,00 €
Nurgaga pirnipesa, must, bakeliit, THPG
Tootekood: 153108
26,00 €
Lambipesa, rippuv, tekstiilkaabliga, portselanpesaga
Lambipesa rippuvale lambile, 1,5m musta testiilkaablit, 1,5m ketti, pesa läbimõõt 5,6cm, h=6,2 cm, IP 42
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Pendant lamps porcelain duroplast

Socket E27 (max. 60 W) with hanging steel-wire bracket for dual-wire cables. With 1.5 m of black textile cable and 1.5-m steel link chain. Socket 5.6 cm Ø, height 6.2 cm. Weight 150 g. IP 42
Tootekood: 100879
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Lamp Sylcone GA, led 4,5W
Ledpirniga lamp Sylcone, dimmerile sobiv, 4,5W, 470 lm, kõrgus 1650mm, laius 200mm.
Tootekood: 2500040543
66,00 €
Laerosett, Avra, E27
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17,00 €