Lambipesa bakeliit, keraamiline laerosett, punane kaabel

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Seinalamp, emailitud kuppel, seinakinnitus keraamiline, kupli läbimõõt 21 cm, E27 (max 100W). IP 20

The thread fitting is made of sheet steel. Reflector 21 cm Ø, Projection 18.5 cm, Oval bracket, Weight 800 g, E 27 fitting (max. 100 W), IP 20.
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Plekist kuppel, väljast must, seest valge emailiga,, 29.5 cm Ø. Kõrgus 10.5 cm, keraamiline laerosett, metallist sokkel E 27 (max. 75 W) keraamilise ümbrisega, kaal 680 g.

Lights from Udine.
Udine, one of the old Venetian provinces, has a wealth of chalk, marble, clay, cement, lime, soapstone and kaolin, making it one of the most important sites of the ceramic industry in Europe. The Ceramiche Fabbro, an old workshop in Rivignano, produces these lights in addition to a multitude of other artistic and practical objects.
These lights are intended for indoor use. Natural white ceramic shade 42 cm Ø, ceramic ceiling rosette with a solid brass shade holder. The shade is held by three knurled-head screws. Height 10.5 cm, Metal socket E 27, Weight 1.94 kg.

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Messingust keldrilamp. Lampe kasutatakse laevadel ja teistes niisketes ruumides. Klaasist kupli kõrgus 10.5 cm, pikkus 20cm, laius 13 cm. Portselanist pirnipesa E27 (max 60W), IP54

Materjal: messing
Mõõdud: 10,5 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm
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