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Poliment—also known as bole—is a clay-like substance. It serves as a base layer for the leaf gold when gilding poliment. It is applied to the prepared surface, which is usually Gesso. Gesso is a mixture of chalk and glue. The poliment layer and the underlying layer of Gesso create a layer that permits the polishing of gold with agate burnishers.
Poliment gilding can only be used on absorbing surfaces.

It is an unbound poliment (unprepared) and has to be prepared with gelatine or rabbit skin glue before it can be applied. This poliment is already processed with water to a paste.

Very good gradation
Does not pearl
Excellent covering power
Needs little glue
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Fast Patina from Borma Wachs is a professional product. It is mainly used to give an antique effect. Thanks to its special formulation, the product can be applied without problems to PU and acrylic primers, UV and varnish. It is suitable for all types of wooden surfaces. It can also be removed, leaving the color only in the wood pores. This product flows well, dries quickly and is easy to sand. An ideal solution for interiors made of porous wood, such as oak, ash, maple.

Physico-chemical properties:
Density: 0.900 kg/l.
Viscosity (Ford cup n#4, (20°C)): 12 sec. (Product with catalyst and diluent).
Dry residue: 15%.
Solvent: Alcohol or acetone.
Initial boiling point: >35°C.
Flammability point <23°C.
Specific gravity: 0.890 kg/l

Best imitation of the gilding effect
Wide range of shades
Possibility of application to any substrate (paint and varnish)

Clean the surface to be treated from grease, silicones, rust, old varnishes and dirt. Stir well before use. Not recommended for use in the sun, on hot surfaces, in the presence of rain or in adverse weather conditions.
Always provide adequate ventilation during and after application to facilitate drying and proper curing of the applied product layer.
Prepare the patina for use: dilute it in a 50:50 ratio with acetone or alcohol. Although acetone provides very fast drying and higher hardness, alcohol is slower and provides better sanding. This is good if sanding is done by hand.

On a previously coated surface (we recommend white acrylic or PU primer), apply diluted patina in one layer.
In order to obtain the “decape” effect, it is necessary to carry out intermediate sanding of the surface with a high-grain abrasive, which will not remove the patina from the pores of the wood.
To ensure a long-lasting patina, apply a coat of clear acrylic finish.

Drying time:
Solution lifetime: > 3:00.
Drying time: 10-15 minutes (depending on layer thickness and temperature).

Consumption: 30-50 g/m2
Will depend on the preparation of the wood or metal, its species and method of application and may vary ± 30%.

This is not a stand-alone coating; it requires mandatory finishing. To prevent changes in the gilding effect of the patina, we recommend using solvent-based acrylic systems as a finish. We also recommend choosing high-gloss products to enhance the luxurious finish.

Store in a cool, well-ventilated place; keep container closed when material is not in use. Keep away from heat, open flames, sparks and other sources of ignition.
The product is stored for 12 months from the production date.

Always perform a preliminary test on a hidden area to check if the effect is as desired.
We guarantee the reliability of physical and chemical properties. The final result is influenced by application conditions, solvent, equipment, etc.
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