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Mõõtmed: 45x15mm
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Messingust valmistatud lingirosett nähtavate kruvidega. Pinnaviimistlus: läikiv kroom. Paigaldamine puidukruvidega. Tarneaeg kuni 5 nädalat.
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It has an electric bell from the sixties and a black thermosetting plastic housing accommodates reliable electrics and mechanics. (The tools to make it have meanwhile been mended, so we can supply it again. This time however also as a second "flat dish" model with a flat round bell). You can hear both sounds on the internet where you can also have a look at its interior and learn that you should not connect these nice sounding gadgets to the mains but to a bell-wire with an upstream transformer (output voltage 8-12 V~). By simply dismantling your old doorbell and replacing it with this model you are not doing anything wrong (acoustically and electrically), otherwise just ring an electrician.
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Messingust valmistatud ukselink. Pinnaviimistlus: läikiv nikkel/must. Paigaldamine puidukruvidega. Tarneaeg kuni 5 nädalat. Sobib kasutamiseks koos lingirosetiga 21520 või 21523; võtmekilbiga 21521 või 21524; lingiplaadiga 03723B.
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