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The shoe rack is adjustable in height. The function was common in the past when the incandescent light was weaker, but today it usually fulfills a more decorative function.

Material..... Polished brass
Dimensions (HxW)... 50(-140)x25 cm* (with shade 2306Y25)
Shade........ Not included
Socket..... 60 mm flange
socket Lamp base. .. E27
Power....... Max 20 Watt
Light source.... Not included
Mounting...... Hook or two screws (c/c 60-70)
Cord........ Max 290 cm
IP class..... 20 (dry spaces)
Protection class.. 1 (grounded)

*The armature cord is a total of 290 cm - as it runs up and down it gives a total hanging height of 140 cm. During installation, the cord can be adjusted to obtain a lower hanging height.
SKU: KL002
365,00 €
SKU: 4000
2013,00 €
Supplied with key 5226-5 and striking plate (angle striking plate 5209 or clamp 5210). Suitable escutcheon 5207 or 5208.
For choice of right-hand or left-hand lock and angle plate or clamp, see image above.
5233 has a door-type (press) handle. If a knob is desired, choose lock 5234.
SKU: 5233
115,00 €
Aknalink sobib 8mm karaga süsteemile, tellimisel võimalik saada ka 7mm kara.
SKU: 4539R
55,50 €
Byström is a cord suspension with a slightly more modern design language than Ferlin, with inspiration from the early modernism of the 1920s and 30s - however still made entirely of brass and fitted with the classic twisted knob cord.

Material..... Polished brass
Dimensions (HxW)... 23(-160)x25 cm* (with screen 2306Y25)
Screen........ Not included
Socket..... 60 mm flange- / 40 mm ring
socket Lamp base... E27
Power....... Max 20 Watt
Light source.... Not included
Assembly...... Two screws (c/c 60-70)**
Cord.... .... Max 140 cm
IP class..... 20 (dry spaces)
Protection class.. 1 (earthed)

*The visible cable is 140 cm, but can be shortened during installation.

**Pushed against the ceiling (c/c 60-70 mm). If you wish to enter with a ball lead from the side of the luminaire, supplement it with a distance plate. If you wish to hang it on a roof hook, supplement it instead with a roof hook bracket [3726J110] and a roof cable rack [3742].
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